GENTLELOCK has been developed in a spirit of 'Sanpou yoshi' which is a traditional merchant saying in Japan.
'Sanpou yoshi' means 'benefit for all three sides; the seller, the buyer and society'.
We have applied it to our craftsmanship and now we introduce GENTLELOCK® CAP as the first product.

Congratulations on WorldStar 2015 President's Award.

I heartily congratulate winners of "WorldStar 2015 President's Award".
The gold award winner "Locked4Kids" and all other winners have developed excellent products, and World Packaging Organization has been leading activities which contributing to people in general and society. I am proud of them and respect them deeply.
Takuya Kato, CEO & Founder, Heartheart Corporation.

With our sincere gratitude.

GentleLock® Cap has become one of WorldStar Award winners in "WorldStar 2014 Awards(*)" and also was awarded President's Gold Award, the best prize.
We express again our deep appreciation for the warm and valuable assistance of our friends and all the parties concerned within or beyond our country.

* About WorldStar Awards (quoted from WPO's site)
The WorldStars is the most important packaging award in the world, organized by WPO (World Packaging Organization).WorldStars are presented only to those packages which, having already won recognition in a national competition.The 2014 round was brought in 249 entries from 33 countries and announced 139 winners.
The President's Award is the prestigious special awards and Gold Award is awarded to only one package among all WorldStar award winners.

The picture above is linked to WPO's site.

GentleLock Cap was developed in pursuit of "Accessibility" which is one of our important themes and actually corresponds with 4 principles stipulated by WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), 1: perceivable 2: operable 3: understandable 4: compatible.

WCAG are published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web and W3C have succeeded in making rules for providing many people standardized services. We think it is important to apply such rules to packaging, because products useful for various users can give a feeling of satisfaction by their "messages" with their "shapes".

Let's see the functions of GentleLock Cap from the standpoint of 4 principles above.
GentleLock Cap has features as below.

1: Also visual handicapped people can perceive the lock status by touch. (perceivable)

2: The cap can be opened-closed in the usual manner, and can be locked-unlocked with simple operation. (operable)

3: It is easy to understand how to lock and unlock once informed even for children. (understandable)

4: It can coexist with other existing specifications of caps, such as function to prevent injustice opening and function to prevent explosion caused by pressure increase inside the container. (compatible)

In this matching, although caps and IT equipment seem to be in far different fields, we recognize that they have exactly the same goal in the viewpoint of "Accessibility" because both of them are operated by human "touches". Developers design them while thinking how to satisfy visual, cutaneous, auditory and color sensations of users, and for fingers, eyes or other sensory organs there is no essential difference between IT equipment and caps.

In the product developing area we have been researching on the improvement of "Accessibility" in various fields. GentleLock was developed in those researches and it was awarded some prizes, for us it is unexpected happy happening, when we feel that it is expected in this age, we feel stronger that the awards are not for the product but for the point of view.

If our researching and developing contribute to you in areas of caps or packaging, we are so happy.

The Mechanism of Lock & Release

Accessible Design
1. Cap closed - unlocked

Turn the ring under the cap in order to lock.

When it is 'Unlocked'

By sight :
...the wedge is seen.
By touch :
...the wedge is sensed.

2. Locked!

When locked, the wedge completely fits in the frame.

When it is 'Locked'

By sight :
...the wedge is not seen.
By touch :
...the wedge is not sensed.

3. Lock released

Turn the ring further in the same direction to unlock.


Easy for use for everybody including visual handicapped people and also in darkness (movie theaters etc.) or mountaineering.

User Friendly : Opened-closed in the usual manner, and locked-unlocked with simple operation.
Maker Friendly : Reasonable costs with common materials and simple structure.

About other products.

You can apply GentleLock® not only to screw caps but also to other various products such as lockable joints for tubes, detachable connectors for oscillation devices or others.
We are planning to spread business with GentleLock® in varied fields aiming for 'Sanpou yoshi'.


For any queries or requests regarding GentlLock®, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.
T.KATO | GentleLock division | Heartheart Corporation

Fujisawa city, Japan

Season's greetings.

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